Cymonz Partnership

Integrate your liquidity and payments services with the Cymonz application. Offer your partners a fully branded online currency and payments service. The Cymonz platform is developed with years of experience and used by banks and financial institutions worldwide.
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Your Liquidity and Payments

Integrate your liquidity and payments services. Offer you partners a fully branded online currency and payments service.

The Cymonz Platform

The Cymonz platform is developed with years of experience and used by banks and financial institutions worldwide.

The Partnership

You provide the currency exchange and payment services, Cymonz provides the platform for both end customer transacting and partner management and together we capture more of the deliverable currency market worldwide.
Our technical team does the integration work with your API and then as partners we agree a profit share on our customer transactions.

The Market

The Cymonz currency platform can be utilised by banks, FI's and currency companies worldwide. The service can be activated in minutes, is fully branded for the partner, offers a multi lingual customer facing website, in branch and back office application and has a wide range of integration points.
Offer your partners a superior experience whilst generating income on increased currency flows

The Results

Your partners receive a superior currency application, an extremely quick route to market and access to your liquidity and payments services. Partners mark up the rate you offer as they wish or you can simply set a profit share percentage with the partner.
Partners flows then integrate direct into your dealing application at the agreed mark up rate increasing your flows and profits.


Developed with years of experience and used by banks and FI's worldwide. Get in touch now or check more details in the sections below.
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    Customers can transact via your branded and responsive customer website, iOS or Android applications, or through your internet banking platform integrated with the API. Link customer accounts and bank balances to enable direct debits of customer bank accounts for settlement of customer transactions.
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    Easily deploy the branch management solution through the back office application allowing your branch staff to manage customer accounts, complete currency transactions for walk in customers and much more. Multiple security levels allow you to set the rules for branch staff access levels.
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    Use our API to integrate direct with your customer internet banking platform to allow customers to transact their currency direct from your platform with transactions being managed in your back office. You can also integrate the API direct to your core systems to export transactions and payment details in real time.
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Demo Websites

Each of your sales team will be provided with a demonstration site. In addition to this we can also design and launch a customized introduction page attached to each demonstration site for each sales person.
Once a lead is interested and wants their own demonstration and testing site a simple form is all that is required for you sales staff to complete and the lead with have their fully branded site available within 24 hours.

Help Desk

We provide you with a branded knowledge base and support application.
The knowledge base includes all the required user documentation and also online set up questionnaires to ensure every aspect is covered for your partners before they go live.
The support system is ticket based, directly integrated into your partners application and technical queries are automatically routed to our team.

Support Team

It is a partnership with the goal of increasing currency flows and users. Whenever required to join a sales call one of our senior sales staff will be available to assist where required.
Our implementation and support team will complete the install as per the requirements and will train your support staff on both supporting the current features and all new future features, we generally are releasing new functionality every two weeks.


Offering currency services to partners and third parties can cause a compliance headache well documented by numerous cases in the currency markets. By utilizing the Cymonz application to power your partners business you can maintain complete control over know your customer and anti money laundering polices and gain complete visibility of the customer and transactional base.
The Cymonz partnership enables you to maintain and grow a lucrative revenue stream in dealing with partners whilst ensuring your compliance department remains comfortable with transacting this business.

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Offer you partners a fully branded online currency and payments service.